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"Compose Yourself"

"Compose Yourself"

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Our latest print

"Compose Yourself"

People are like music some speak the truth, and others just make noise.


Edition x 50 Size: 30" x 22.5"

AP Edition x 5 Size: 30" x 22.5" 

One of a Kind x 8 Size: 30" x 22.5"

Canvas Edition x 3( with silver frame and COA) Size: 30" x 22.5"

One of a Kind Canvas x 3 ( with silver frame and COA) Size: 30" x 22.5" 

 Unique Works on Paper x 3 Size: 50”x38”
(Each of these works are made with silk screen spray paint, acrylic and stencil, making these works very unique from one another. They are all hand made by the artist and not by screen printing press, unlike the rest of the edition.) These come with a COA


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